We should celebrate the remarkably early entry into force of the Paris Agreement, but at the same time remember we are now living in a 400 ppm world. When the treaty is formalised November 4 in Morocco prior to COP 22 it marks a time when global temperature records are being shattered monthly.

People all over the world are now suffering from the impacts of climate change and there is a need to act resolutely now as time is running out.

Civil society needs to find new ways to work together to rapidly scale up ambition by all parties which has been lagging in past years.

COP 22 in Marrakech is an opportunity to create conditions for immediate and sustained action. We need progress now on capacity building, the $100 billion road map and an effective conclusion to the facilitative dialogue to build trust and elevate ambition pre-2020.

The successful laying of a long-term foundation for the Paris regime, a time bound work plan to meet the 2018 rule book deadline and achievement of greater clarity for the facilitative dialogue are the threshold requirements for COP 22 to be a success.

This the historic challenge we face as at the grassroots level as well to retain public credibility as an effective civil society climate movement.