The United Planet Faith & Science Initiative is the host of the new website for our collection of press conferences, panel discussions and interviews. Please visit ClimateMatters.TV to view thought provoking video […]

The Facing Future Initiative

In the spring of 2020 Stuart Scott left the more narrowly defined shell of ScientistsWarning.org and .TV to a team he had assembled for that initiative, and formed a more broadly defined Facing Future initiative, with a FacingFuture.earth website and FacingFuture.TV YouTube channel. Note that the FacingFuture.TV YouTube channel has gone through a number of […]

UN Conference on Climate Change 2014

On Wednesday, December 3, 2014, UPFSI held a Faith & Science Climate unity press conference at the UN Conference on Climate Change 2014 in Lima, Peru.

Interfaith Summit on Climate Change

aims to convey faith communities’ perspectives and suggestions to influence the general summit’s climate negotiations. The attendants will […]

Meet Our Members

The following leading religious figures and scientists have committed to serve as Members of the United Planet Faith & Science Initiative: […]

Meet Our Partners

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