The Scientists’ Warning Initiative

In 2018 Stuart Scott started the Scientists’ Warning Initiative with Dr. William Ripple of the Alliance of World Scientists (AWS) to serve as its activist arm. This provided a means for the general public to endorse the warnings that AWS had produced and published. In the fall of 2019 AWS published the “World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency” in recognition of the climate crisis and the need for real action by corporate, financial and political leaders.

Scientists’ Warning’s message focuses on two fundamental causes of the environmental crisis:

  • An economic system that focuses on the need for continuous growth.
    Whenever economists are asked or confronted on this issue, obfuscation techniques are used.
  • A spiritual void in the general population.
    We, in general as a society, have sold our soul to the Devil which in this case is ‘money’. We are hypnotized with filling this void with stuff.
  • Science is the sharp point we use to drive this message.

Scientists’ Warning recognizes that the transformation of our current economic system is imperative. We must evolve from a neoclassical growth model to ecological economics.

Scientists’ Warning uses the same logo as the United Planet & Faith Initiative, which symbolizes how Faith and Science are two of the most influential forces in global society.

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Stuart H. Scott is an environmentalist, convener, impresario, educator, member of ISEE, video producer, and the founder of Scientists’ Warning and UPFSI (